“We all want someone to write poetry about” – 05/04/15

“Disappointment is simply the Universe saying there is something better out there for you” – 05/04/15

“Only you can send your demons off with a kiss and a kick in the ass” – 09/04/15

“I had sex with your body, I made love to your soul” – 28/04/15

“The little boy in me will always love the little girl in you” – 04/05/15

“I want to tell you how amazing you are, but I’m worried your head may intercept a message that is intended for your heart” – 05/05/15

“What’s truly beautiful is someone as beautiful as you sees the beauty in me” – 11/05/15

“I am not the man you thought I was, I’m better” – 14/05/15

“I meet the most likely people in the most unlikely places” – 21/05/15

“All the ones before you have prepared me perfectly” – 25/05/15

“I’m okay with losing my mind, not my imagination” – 18/07/15