Author: Drew Hastings

Just a guy making his way through this black and white world, trying to add some colour to it in my way. Seeker of the truth, lover of people (the one's that are worth loving that is), adventurer and (hopefully) writer. I'll let you be the judge on that though.

Higher Self

I am now in a new exiting phase of my life where I am powerful, free and can articulate well my needs and wants from life, myself and others.

People now see my beauty both physically as well as emotionally and intellectually, they honour me as I honour myself.

I look after myself through healthy thoughts, healthy eating and working out in the gym to attain the perfect version of myself.

I no longer smoke, I now replace this unhealthy habit with healthy living, healthy thoughts and a healthy view of myself with love and honour for my body.

I am now creative!


All my investments in Cryptocurrencies are meeting my expectations and exceeding them by values I could only dreamed possible.

I am now completely financially free and in a position of power and wealth to help those in need


“We all want someone to write poetry about” – 05/04/15

“Disappointment is simply the Universe saying there is something better out there for you” – 05/04/15

“Only you can send your demons off with a kiss and a kick in the ass” – 09/04/15

“I had sex with your body, I made love to your soul” – 28/04/15

“The little boy in me will always love the little girl in you” – 04/05/15

“I want to tell you how amazing you are, but I’m worried your head may intercept a message that is intended for your heart” – 05/05/15

“What’s truly beautiful is someone as beautiful as you sees the beauty in me” – 11/05/15

“I am not the man you thought I was, I’m better” – 14/05/15

“I meet the most likely people in the most unlikely places” – 21/05/15

“All the ones before you have prepared me perfectly” – 25/05/15

“I’m okay with losing my mind, not my imagination” – 18/07/15

In the silence, between words

My love is not found in words, not in this thought, not on any paper

My love is found in the silence, between the noise of words, words that are so easily spoken without meaning

My love is found in the kiss on your neck, your shoulders, there I paint my love for you in a thousand vivid colours

My hand on your hips and over your stomach writes poetry over you in a language so familiar yet incomprehensible to be best linguist

Are you listening in those moments between words? Are you breathing me in in those moments between words as I am breathing you in? As I am breathing myself out.

Is your heart open to magic, to my magic? Can you let go and allow me in or do you fear the power of love? What power love has! You will find my love in the silence, between words. Come find it if you will, it is there for you.