Category: Coming out in Thoughts

In the silence, between words

My love is not found in words, not in this thought, not on any paper

My love is found in the silence, between the noise of words, words that are so easily spoken without meaning

My love is found in the kiss on your neck, your shoulders, there I paint my love for you in a thousand vivid colours

My hand on your hips and over your stomach writes poetry over you in a language so familiar yet incomprehensible to be best linguist

Are you listening in those moments between words? Are you breathing me in in those moments between words as I am breathing you in? As I am breathing myself out.

Is your heart open to magic, to my magic? Can you let go and allow me in or do you fear the power of love? What power love has! You will find my love in the silence, between words. Come find it if you will, it is there for you.